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Wide selections

Satamuna is an excellent choice for ethical consumers

Satamuna eggs are produced primarily on the animal’s terms in state-of-the-art poultry holdings. When chicken are happy, they also produce better quality eggs. Thus, we ensure that every Satamuna egg is safe, tasty and in line with consumer expectations.

Kaikki kananmunamme laatuluokitellaan ennen asiakkaille toimitusta. Laatuluokittelun jälkeen munat siirretään punnitukseen, alkuperäleimaukseen ja pakkaukseen.

Alkuperäleimauksen avulla voidaan tarvittaessa jäljittää toimittamamme kananmunat aina kuluttajalta tuotantotilalle saakka.

Satamuna has been awarded the KAT certificate related to ethical production and animal welfare. KAT certificate.
Food controls OIVA-raportti.

Pakkaamomme IFS-sertifikaatti.

Weight classification and codes for eggs

XL size: 73 g+
L size: 63–73 g
M size: 53-63 g
S size: 43-53 g

0 = Organic produce
1 = Free range eggs
2 = Deep litter eggs
3 = Enriched cage eggs
FI = Produced in Finland
XXXXX = Code of holding

We also meet the requirements of EU organic legislation.
Organic certification.

We take care of producer responsibility in relation to our packaging. Rinki.

Barn eggs

Barn eggs are available in packs of 6, 8, 10, 15 and also even 24.

Traditional eggs

Spot the Finnish flag, the symbol for high-quality staple foods.

Free range eggs

Free range eggs offer a natural and great option for modern ethical consumers.

Organic eggs

Satamuna’s organic eggs are sold in green packages marked with the organic leaf symbol.

Camelina eggs

Our healthy Camelia eggs consist of Omega 3 series polyunsaturated fatty acids, etc.

Qvik eggs

Satamuna’s Qvik eggs are designed specifically for wholesale customers and industrial kitchens.

Media gallery

Our gallery is intended for our partners and the media who wish to use Satamuna's images or logos.

And where are the eggs now?

Shopkeeper Vesa Nurminen describes eggs as a highly important sales item. If used well, eggs can be used to create delicious gourmet meals. Luckily people nowadays also understand the high nutritional value of eggs.

Satamuna took on board Jyväskylä-based Citymarket Seppälä's wish to add visual effects and richness to the egg department. Together with the store and a partner we designed a spectacular display in order to make it easier to find our eggs inside the store. - Satamuna is inventive and eager to come up with new ways to promote eggs. It is one of the company’s strengths, the shopkeeper Nurminen says.

Jyväskylä-based Citymarket Seppälä has been selling eggs produced in the Satakunta region for many years already. The shopkeeper has had many good experiences with Satamuna. – Satamuna values good customer service. The company wants to manage customer relations in the best possible way and to build a good future together.

Nurminen states that Satamuna's product range offers attractive options for all types of customer. Alongside the traditional free-range eggs, the Satamuna selection includes organic, pasture-raised, and Camelina eggs, which are richer in nutritional value. The different coloured packages stand out from the egg shelf and the variety of package sizes offer options for both large families and one-person households.