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Qvik eggs

Satamuna’s Qvik eggs are designed specifically for wholesale customers and industrial kitchens. Our Qvik eggs represent a diverse and nutritious product, a cheap, easy and quick option for professional kitchens.

Qvik eggs are packed in large 90 and 180-egg packs and divided according to production method and weight classification. In this way, we are able to meet the needs of all types of businesses, be it a barbecue kiosk that needs small eggs, a baker who needs big eggs, a municipality that values ethics and animal welfare, or a gourmet restaurant that invests in organic products. In addition, all Qvik packages can be recycled.

Savings for commercial kitchens

Satamuna's Qvik products also include pre-cooked and peeled eggs packed in 3 kg (approx. 69 eggs) containers. Like all eggs, also pre-cooked and peeled eggs keep for 4 weeks when kept in an unopened container in a cool place.

Thanks to their special manufacturing process, the yolks of Qvik eggs do not turn dark with oxidation. Just open the lid and the eggs are ready to be used! The product can be served as it is, but also, for example, cut in half and stuffed for serving at the table, in salads, sliced inside sandwiches, spinach soup, school canteens, crushed into egg sausages, egg butter, etc.

Satamuna’s Qvik eggs save time: By choosing boiled/peeled Qvik eggs, you can forget about having to cook and peel eggs, those tedious, time-consuming and costly tasks, wastage, egg shell waste and all the cleaning!