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Satamuna has been awarded the KAT certificate related to ethical production and animal.

Satamuna Oy and its contract producers have been granted the pan-European KAT certificate that monitors the living conditions and well-being of chicken. The German KAT system pays special attention to the living conditions and welfare of chicken. The requirements of the certificate go beyond legal obligations and are closely monitored.

- Our certified egg producers ensure, among other things, that the chicken have more space than other chicken and that they live in smaller groups, says Toni Haavisto, CEO of Satamuna.

Certified production from the field to your kitchen table

Certification requires accurate documentation and auditing of the entire production chain, starting with the feed of the animals. The Satamuna packing centre has previously been awarded the international FSSC 22000 food safety certificate and also received the KAT certificate.

- Satamuna’s entire quality chain is now certified, from the production of animal feed and eggs to packaging. Therefore, Satamuna guarantees good living conditions for their chicken and safe eggs for their consumers, says Haavisto.

– KAT certification is common in Central Europe. However, we are the only Finnish and perhaps even Nordic egg producer with this certificate, Haavisto continues.

- Thanks to the certificate, we are able to supply eggs to Central European consumers as well, he adds.

For a better life

Consumers have become increasingly concerned about the welfare of food-producing animals.
Changed consumer habits and responsibility demands have led to new responsibility policies linked to trade and industry.

Private certifications such as KAT indicate a good level of animal welfare and that the primary producers are even willing to go beyond legally set requirements. Satamuna wants to be a pioneer in responsible egg production.

– Our own production already consists of completely certified deep litter production. In addition, most of our contract producers' eggs are either deep litter, organic or pasture-raised chickens’ eggs, Haavisto points out.

KAT certificate for packing stations

KAT certificate for holdings