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Making history since 1906

Satamuna Oy is a traditional family business whose roots and egg-related know-how date back more than a century. The company has been operating ceaselessly since 1906. Satamuna’s advanced and environmentally friendly facilities are located in Euran Panelia and Harjavalta.

Thanks to its long history, Satamuna is a competent and innovative egg packing centre that invests heavily in the quality of its products and continuous product development. Satamuna acts a stable and reliable partner for shops, consumers and producers.

Our table eggs are produced by about 200,000 chickens and in addition, we buy the eggs of an additional over 400,000 chicken owned by other domestic contract producers. Already about 15% of all eggs produced in Finland find their way through our company to kitchens all around the country.

Both our packing station and our own poultry holdings have been granted the pan-European KAT animal welfare certificate. In addition, our packing station was awarded the IFS quality certificate at the Higher Level. In terms of quality, Satamuna offers the best possible eggs – the real deal.