Logos and egg packages

All product pictures are size 930x620 px jpg-documents in RGB color, resolution 72.

Logo files are png-documents in same sizes and without background.
You can choose between 4-col. or black & white version depending on designs background.

If You want any other material, please call +358 2 865 5019

Just point that picture You want, hold down cursor and drag the picture to Your own desktop.
Or point the picture, choose the right selection of Your mouse and save to any folder You want.

Barn 6

Barn 8

Barn 10

Barn 15

Barn 24

Camelina 6

Free range 6

Free range 15

Organic 4

Organic 6

Organic 10

Organic 12

Traditional 10

Traditional 15

Logo 4-col. blue

Logo 4-col. white

Logo 4-col. blue

Logo 4-col. white

Logo black

Logo white

Logo+slogan, blue

Logo+slogan, white

Logo+slogan, black

Logo+slogan, white