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All Satamuna producers must comply with general animal welfare regulations. This includes, for example, sampling production batches. Most of our contract producers have sourced their chicken from our family business and produce eggs according to our instructions, thus meeting our strict quality standards.

Would you like to collaborate with our company?

Pystymme olemaan luotettava yhteistyökumppani sopimustuottajalle, on kyseessä sitten virikehäkki-, lattia-, luomu- tai laidunkananmunien tuotanto. Tästä kertoo tasainen liikevaihtomme kasvu sekä erittäin vähäinen vaihtuvuus sopimustuottajissamme. Vuonna 2020 pakkasimme jo noin  15 % Suomessa tuotetuista munista. Hankimme kananmunia koko Suomen alueelta, niin isommilta kuin pienemmiltäkin tiloilta. Meille mikään logistinen haaste tai partian koko ei ole ongelma.

If you are interested, call +358 2 865 5019

Find below a few good reasons for becoming a Satamuna producer

1. Over a hundred years of poultry farming creates a strong and secure base for cooperation in terms of financial advantage and know-how. Satamuna is the company with the most extensive experience in poultry farming in Finland, and we know how to guide our producers in production matters.


2. Our ideology is not based on a battle in market-shares. We market our contract producers' eggs to the widest possible customer base, both in Finland and internationally. As a result, our contract producers get the best price on the market in the long run, as well as protection from market failures as they do not have to put all their eggs in the same basket. Eggs packed by Satamuna can be found in almost every corner of Finland, as well as, depending on different needs and situations, in almost 20 other countries. In 2020, Satamuna was responsible for almost 50% of all of Finland’s shell egg exports.


3. Local production. Our ownership base is 100% Finnish. While domestic ownership itself is already a great thing, it also has an advantage in the marketing of eggs. From our point of view, foreign co-ownership does not reduce foreign sales.


4. Entrepreneurial drive. When a company does not have a heavy organisational structure, it also needs fewer intermediaries. We are quick to adapt to new situations as market conditions change. We are genuinely interested in the industry and we constantly follow global markets, yield forecasts, the production situation and everything else that may affect egg production from time to time. A good example of this is the responsibility policy set out in 2010, which will come into force in Finland in 2025. We have used foresight to avoid many investments, which have been at risk of remaining only in the realm of transitional production investments.


5. We strive to constantly develop our activities. Examples of this include our web portal. We have created IDs on our web portal for each of our contract producers, where they can monitor the average weight and number of eggs, quality grades, etc. of each batch of eggs as soon as the eggs have been packed, providing real-time information on production development. This makes it easier to plan future feed quantities, for example. The data of previous batches is also stored on the web, so contract producers can, for example, compare the effects of changes in production measures with previous years and thus optimise production.


6. Satamuna accepts both trolleys and pallets for product collection, as well as both traditional cardboard trays and new types of collection containers made of plastic. We offer optimised transport equipment for each farm, be it a smaller truck, a semi-trailer enabling large spaces or a modular combination vehicle suitable for different types of collection rounds.


7. We offer the possibility and experience of farm certification. Our packing centre and some of our contract producers of deep litter eggs are certified according to the German KAT certifications. In the forever changing production situations, we are in a perfect position to supply eggs to Central European kitchens. Uncertified eggs, regardless of their production method, are largely only suitable as raw material for egg pulp, which also gives us an advantage on the export market. We can apply for KAT certificates also for organic eggs.


8. If you still have poultry equipment or parts of equipment purchased through our family company PanEgg Oy, or white or Bovans brown chicken from the Haavisto H&N breeding holding, you will also benefit from collaborating with us on packaging. We can spot all quality or size deviations in your production immediately. We might contact you immediately, even if you yourself may not have noticed the change. In this way, any problems or development ideas can be dealt with immediately leading to savings. This also makes it easier to combine supplies deliveries and collection trips, meaning that spare parts can be delivered quickly and the cost of transport is reduced. With our long experience in egg production and our knowledge regarding our equipment, which we have helped to design, it is easy for us to help and guide our contract producers.