// Founded over 100 years ago
Haavisto family farm
henhouse started poultry farming.

// Retail sales begun
Retail sale of our table eggs started.

// First contracts farmers
Most of those are
still our active egg producers.

// New packing plant location
Also the name was changed to Satamuna Oy in 2005.

// Launching Camelina eggs
Satamuna developed and introduced Camelina egg which has lots of alphalinolenic acids.

// Research and development extension
Egg boiling and peeling started.

// Barn henhouse built
Satamuna’s first modern barn henhouse built.

// End of battery cage production
Old-fashioned battery cage production closed down by the end of 2011.

// Pesämuna product family launched
Satamuna launches new ethically produced Pesämuna product family.

// Product range expands
Product range expands with free range eggs.

// Loading boxes on pallets was automatised
Loading boxes on pallets was automatised to be done by robot. Washing line for reusable farm collecting egg trays was established.

// Expanding facilities
The expansion of the packing center and the refinery starts due to favourable demand.

// Packaging center facilities enlarged
Packaging center facilities enlarged and therefore our CO2 footprint reduced significantly because of our new ground heating and ground cooling system. At the same time the packaging machine renewed and it now represents the latest available technology.

Satamuna – Munittu naapurissa

Satamunan monipuolisesta valikoimasta löydät omasi joka kattaukseen.
Tiukat laatukriteerit täyttävät munamme tulevat läheltä, kuin naapurista. Valikoimaan kuuluvat niin Perinteiset kananmunat, Pesämunat vapailta-, luomu- ja laidunkanoilta, terveysvaikutteiset Camelina-munat kuin myös Qvik-kananmunat ammattilaisille.


Egg is the king

Egg’s nutritional value is one of the most versatile of our basic foods.
Its protein has lots of good quality protein, egg yolk has wide range of vitamins, minerals and lots of soft fat. In one egg there is less than 80 kcal energy. Egg has almost all of our daily needs except vitamin C and fiber.

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