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Little girl with her little red hen.

Environmentally friendly solutions

From an environmental point of view, eggs are one of the best sources of protein of animal origin. The carbon footprint of eggs is small compared to that of meat and cheese, but it is also smaller than, say, that of rice, vegetable oil or greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes grown. Our chicken feed consists mainly of domestic cereals and therefore, emissions from feed transport, for example, are minimised.

We use geothermal energy to heat our company's premises. In addition, our ventilation system has recently been renovated, so now it recovers heat. In the summer, we use geothermal cooling to cool our premises. We have also changed our lighting to one that is based on LED technology.

The equipment used by our company's contract drivers meets the strict Euro 6 emission standards. In addition, we now use modular equipment in our collection rounds to minimise mileage.

In addition to our recyclable cardboard packaging, we have also switched to reusable and washable collection equipment, as well as recyclable pallets. Also, by optimizing pallet sizes, for example, we have managed to increase pallet efficiency by up to 40%.