Qvik eggs

Satamuna’s Qvik eggs are planned for retail- and HoReCa customers. For the professional egg is a versatile and nutritionally rich product with low price. It is also easy and quick to use.

Qvik eggs are packed in 90 and 180 egg volume packages and classified according to the production method and weight class. This way we have an answer for each professionals needs weather they are grills which use small eggs or a bakeries which use big eggs or communities which are prising ethical values and animal welfare or gourmet restaurants which concentrate on ecological production. All Qvik packages are recyclable.

Savings for HoReCa kitchens

In Satamuna’s Qvik product family you’ll also find boiled and peeled eggs which are packed in 3 kg (about 69 eggs) buckets. Boiled and peeled eggs have 4 weeks shelf life if stored in cool and not opened - it´s the same store life like all eggs have.

Because of the special production process, Qvik eggs don’t have a black circle around the yolk caused by oxidizing. You just open the lid and the product is ready for use! The product is ideal for serving as it is but also for example in buffet table after being split and filled, in salads, sliced in sandwiches, in spinach soup, school lunches, grumbled in egg sausages, in egg butter, etc.

Satamuna’s Qvik eggs save your time: By choosing Qvik eggs you can forget the time and energy
you´ll need for egg boiling, peeling and losses, shell waste and extra cleaning!