From the wide selection of Satamuna’s different eggs you’ll find just the right egg for yourself for different purposes. Our product assortment is in three categories and they are easy to recognize because of bright colors in packages.


Packages in mobile world

Satamuna qr-koodi

Satamuna’s egg packages have QR-codes. With your smart phone you can get more information of our great eggs already at the supermarket. The Quick Response-codes at the packages work according to their name as a quick source for more information or a way to visit Satamuna’s facebook to share your best egg recipe. Try!

Quality eggs

All our egg producers are committed to follow Finnish Food Safety Authority’s (Evira) instructions in their production regarding product quality, safety and animal welfare. Self-control samples are taken every 15 weeks and also having co-operation with veterinarian. We take also regularly sensory tests from all our producers’ eggs. Besides that we take annually tests of foreign subjects in eggs.

All our eggs are classified before deliveries to our clients. Dirty, cracked and malformed eggs are removed. After quality control the eggs are weighted, stamped with origin and packed. With stamping of origin we can afterward track the eggs from ‘farm to table’. This is the way we make sure that every egg from Satamuna is safe, tasty and according to the consumer needs.

In each of Satamuna’s egg package you’ll find also CIAA’s recommended voluntary GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) values which tells the nutritional content of the product and supports consumers selections for balanced diet.

Weight classes of Satamuna’s eggs:

XL-size: 73 g+
L-size: 63–73 g
M-size: 53–63 g
S-size: 43–53 g

Egg’s code info:

0 = Ecologically produced
1 = Free range eggs
2 = Barn eggs
3 = Colony cage eggs
FI = produced in Finland

XXXXX = farm code.