In 1906 Kustaa Vihtori and Maria Alexandra Tuominen started their poultry farming. In the family there were lots of other poultry farmers also. In 1934 their daughter Hanna married with Lauri Haavisto and they extended the business for example by building an unusual big, 1.000 hen place henhouse. In 1973 the farm was transferred to their son Jarmo Haavisto and his wife Hilppa. They were extending the farm again a lot. At the end of 1980’s they started importing layer parents to Finland from Canada and France and 1998 they started exporting poultry from Finland. They were the first ones in Finland to export poultry!

Towards the future

In 2007 the farm was transferred to Jarmo’s and Hilppa’s son Marko Haavisto. Jarmo and Hilppa had during 3 decades built for example 5.000 square meters poultry houses, created good coverage of poultry partners network and established besides this all a company, Panegg Oy, that sells henhouse equipment and egg packing machines. Besides this Jarmo was involved in the board of AEH, Association of European Hatcheries. Marko Haavisto had started egg production in 2000 and in 2001 he started packing eggs in 30 square meters hall with 200 kg’s daily capacity. This was the beginning of egg packing to supermarkets under the name Munapakkaamo Marko Haavisto. In 2002 this business was extended and he started buying eggs from other farmers also.

Company got name Satamuna

In 2005 after increasing demand of eggs, the egg packing business was decided to put under a different company model and change the name to Satamuna Oy. That time also Hilppa and Jarmo Haavisto’s younger son, Toni Haavisto, became a partner in company. At the same year Satamuna built also its brand new packing plant with little less than 2000 square meters in Panelia, Eura community. At the same time the product range was extended to include all eggs: traditional eggs, barn eggs, functional Omega eggs and ecological eggs. In 2009 Satamuna extended the product range to boiled and peeled eggs. In 2010 Satamuna anticipated the coming changes in animal welfare directives and built its own aviary henhouse (barn). Because the ethical conditions were built better than what is required in Finland, this henhouse got also KAT-certificate. This enables egg exports to Central Europeans dining tables. At the same time Satamuna packing plant got also the KAT-certificate. Two years later Satamuna built another identical henhouse.

Satamuna today and tomorrow

Haavisto family’s owned Haaviston Siitoskanala delivers poultry material to many customers in Finland and abroad, totally in over 20 countries. The family also imports poultry breeding material from USA and is running henhouse equipment and egg packing machine import from all over Europe under the name Panegg Oy.

Family company Satamuna is producing table eggs with 100.000 hens and is buying over 200.000 hens eggs from contract poultry farmers. Today Satamuna is packing more than every tenth egg which is produced in Finland to Finnish or foreign customers dining tables.

In the future Satamuna is going to continue in investing strongly in product development and continue the long traditions of good quality egg packing plant.